ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mars Review

By Dyni Mela Zingiberni - 3:23 PM


Celebrating Xmas and New Year, my department held a small BBQ dinner together with an event of Secret Santa where everyone can be someone's secret santa and fulfill their wish list. Being a make-up enthusiastic I am, I listed ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick as one of my gifts and luckily enough I got one. I am so excited to try this because many Youtubers rave about this for ages ago and I am honestly a little bit too late to try this one. Bubble or Lumiere are probably the best seller for this product, however I am still in a mission to find a bright pink that suits my skin tone so that's why I want Mars. So without further due, I'm just going right on to the review.

Packaging from ColourPop is always so fun and colorful; they came with a box printed with the ingredients of the lipstick itself and also the name on each top and bottom of the shade that we choose. You're going to get the tube inside and just like any other liquid lipstick, ColourPop tube is pretty much the same in shape. It's not bulky and not too short as well, it's taller than many of my liquid lipstick but I don't mind it at all. You can also see the product inside of the tube and it's the exact color since the tube is pretty transparent.

Thing I always seek first for liquid lipstick is their applicator and I must say I really like ColorPop because the applicator is super easy to apply the product and I feel like I don't have to wear lipliner to line my lip. It's easy to line your lip with this liquid lipstick, you won't mess your lipstick or the liquid goes everywhere. It's also the right amount of length. I have problem applying liquid lipstick with super short wand like Rire have but with this one, I don't face it at all.

You can see in the pictures that its tip is not too wide; it's helpful for people with thin lips as I don't like to over-line my lipstick. I have medium size lips and I really think the size of the applicator is good for applying the product. 

ColourPop is famous for their super long-last formula for their products, especially this ultra matte liquid lipstick. I think their formula is either a big no-no or a hell yes and there's no in between. Personally, I really love lip product with super long lasting and dead matte finish because I don't think glossy lips is for me and that's being said ColorPop is definitely my type of liquid lipstick. It is super easy to apply because it's liquid, hence the name, but not too thin; it's perfect for a liquid lipstick. This liquid lipstick also super fast to dry, however once it dries you're gonna feel like your lips tightened so yes, it emphasizes your wrinkle and stuff like that. So you have to make sure to exfoliate your lips before using this product.

I don't have problem while applying this, like I told so, but I must admit I kind of caught by guard when it dried on my lips. It doesn't feel tacky at all and it's transfer proof. Maybe for some of you with dry lips will hate this formula; I've heard from many beauty gurus that they're super matte but I didn't know that they're going to be this dead matte. I do love the finish, but I might highlight this point to let you guys know. 

Mars is the shade I got and wished for, and it's a bold fuchsia color with a lot of pinks in it. I might say this would look a little too much for a skin tone like mine, but I also would say it looks flattering for medium to dark skin tone depends on your preference but I do like this color a lot.     

Freshly applied

Half dried

Completely dried
For swatches on me, I will say the light is too light that it made the lipstick is different when it's swatched on my wrist or what it looks like on the tube.

After an hour of application

This is what it looks like after lunch

Really impressed with ColourPop, I can see why people rave about this so much. It's affordable, super large range in term of color, and sublime quality for their price. I believe it costs around Rp. 135.000 and most Indonesia Local Cosmetics also cost a liquid lipstick around Rp. 100.000 these days so no harm done if you want to try this one. So on to my final verdict!

1. Super matte and super pigmented
2. Affordable for a US brand
3. Long-last through out the day
4. Many variations of color
5. Transfer proof, doesn't feel tacky

1. Only available online
2. The shocking sensation you feel suddenly when it dries on your lips.

Do I recommend this? YES if you're into matte lipstick and doesn't have problem exfoliate your lips frequently before using this, and NO if you're more to satin or semi matte girls. I believe ColourPop have a Ultra Satin as well so you might want to try that one.

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