About Me

Hello, so this is the girl behind this 'Between numbers, lipstick, and that guy I wish he were mine'! I'd like to list down everything about me you need to know~

  • My name is Ezy and I'm currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • My occupation is Risk Specialist for a Multinational Finance Company, I deal with database 24/5 and am obsessed with data science for now. Anything related to my job you can find in my Linkedin.
  • Beside technical thinking, I am falling in love with many other things like reading, beauty world, sketching, and also writing. My favorite books to read when I was a teen is Kite Runner which is stated on my blogger profile. 
  • Writing is what makes me alive and the reason why I build this blog. This blog used to be a fan blog for a teenager me, declaring my love for my idols at that time. However from now on, I will take a serious care for my bog and the content will strictly only about Beauty & Lifestyle. In the future, I might post unpopular opinion of mine on certain topics.
  • I run this blog without any intention on making money at first, just simply want to share my opinion. Now, I do not mind sponsorship. So if anyone interested on sponsorship/endorsement, please drop an email and I'll share my rate card to you.

You can find me:

Linkedin: Dyni Mela Zingiberni

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