Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette Review + Swatches

By Dyni Mela Zingiberni - 9:22 AM

Assalamualaykum ^^

Again back with another palette as I mentioned in my previous post, I purchased three new eyeshadow palettes due to the hitting-pan success I have with my SLEEK i-Divine palette. Being the cheap gal I am, I still don't want to spend too much money on high end product especially eyeshadow since there are lots of affordable eyeshadows in the market with good quality. Of course I have to do some research on many blogs and videos about this; I know there are also many palette with such bad pay-off color so I have to be a little picky in this area. 

I choose Makeup Revolution as one of the brands I'm willing to buy because they have many varieties of eyeshadow and they're quite famous on duping high-end products like Urban Decay, Too Face, Lorac and others. Too Face Chocolate Bar palette is one of my biggest obsessions that I won't even have the chance to have so of course I just had to purchase the dupe. That's why now I have the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette with me to be reviewed!

So, let's just jump right in!


They don't even try to make a distinct different with the original Chocolate Bar Palette, this palette has the same concept of packaging. The eyeshadows came with a chocolate bar case, a brush that I probably won't use, a mirror that is super nice, and similar positions of pans inside. The palette also has a nice weight, not too light nor too heavy and it's nicely thick although I'm not sure it will be travel friendly for everybody but since I think the mirror is quite helpful - so big and wide, I can see myself bringing this palette with me travelling.

The brush has two ends with sponge thingy point. I don't really use this kind of brush so I don't have anything to comment beside that. There is a name for each shadows which they printed on a clear thin plastic that separate the pans and the mirror so it's super nice! 

Obviously, I don't have problem with the packaging. They don't have any printed letters on the front case and I think it's also cute because who doesn't love chocolate, right? And, the eyeshadows also smell like chocolate too! 


This, however, is a problem for me. They have nice pigmentation especially the shimmer ones and maybe some problem with one matte color, they are super buttery... but, they're also super powdery. They're so powdery that it creates powder in the pan everywhere and I can imagine I will hit pan sooner with this palette.  

The good thing is, there is no fallout when you apply it on the eye. They're also super pigmented applied with brushes and I haven't tried to use my finger yet. I have to admit I have to blend a little longer compared to Beauty Creations' eyeshadow but it's okay.

A little bit too powdery for my liking


I have to admit I'm quite disappointed at first I swatch this at the office, yes, I barely touch it and the pigment isn't showed that much as seen in the picture but after I went home and properly swatch the shadows in my arm, I can say I'm quite satisfied with the pigmentation. 

Not too flattering at first swatched

The shimmer ones are awesome except for the blue purple-ish color; the other shimmer only needs one swatch and the pigment are like BOOM but the blue one is a little bit too shy and needs about three swatches to be completely shined.

For the matte shades, I have to say the pale pink one is meh. Maybe because I have medium tone so it's not flattering when swatched on my arm, but it needs around four swatches so that I can finally see the color. Same with the cream one. Other than that, the rest of matte shadows are good.

Here is the complete swatch on my arm:

Without flash
Without flash (2)

First flash from top to bottom: Piece Me Together, One More Piece, Love Torn, Stolen Chocolate, Love Divine, Unforgivable, You Need Love, Endhorpins Ready!
With flash (2) from top to bottom: Meet Chocolate, Pleasure Girl, More, Thank Friday, Smooth Criminal, Chocolate Love, You Need More, What a Way to Go


Oh my god, I use this palette for my EOTD today and the colors are just so good. I use 'One More Piece' on my crease and 'What A Way to Go' for my entire lid and it's so awesome! So pigmented and they're just so good. The crease is not properly blended but keep in mind I was in rush so I blend the color for like a minute or so, fair enough right? I also use 'Endorphins Ready!' on my inner corner and it's so beautiful.

I don't use any primer and they're just really good. The pay-off is just superb and I'm so impressed on how bright my eyes look after wearing this, especially since I was such in hurry and they're looking fine.

They also last super long, I went home at around 6 pm and my eyes still looked good however I have to say when you rub your eyes then the eyeshadow will come off. I rarely rub my eyes since I wear glasses so I don't know if it's common with eyeshadows, but today I had problem with my eyes so I have to rub it a little and yes, the shadows just magically come off. Maybe there would be a different story if I had applied eye primer before.

What I Like about this palette!
❤ Quite affordable for 16 eyeshadows palette Rp 190.000 or around $14.07
❤ Pigmentation is good
❤ Nice and cute packaging
❤ Really nice mirror inside
❤ Smells like chocolate

What I don't like about this palette!
💔 Too powdery for the shimmer shades
💔 No black color or any super dark eyeshadow in the palette

Do I recommend this?
Yes for a nice dupe for Too Face Chocolate Bar palette, especially if you're like me, don't want to spend too much money on a single palette so this is definitely for you! And also for you who is looking for a perfect palette for both natural and bold looks since it has many neutral eyeshadows with warm tones, and also bold color for a glam look.

Will I repurchase this?
I probably won't purchase this again if I can finish this, just because I'm still quite new to beauty world and I want to buy other palettes.

In conclusion, this is a nice palette and such a steal so you won't regret buying this.

See you on the next post! 

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