I Heart Makeup Chocolate Rose Gold Palette Makeup Revolution Review

By Dyni Mela Zingiberni - 10:42 AM

Assalamualaykum ^^

Last year I just purchased an eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution and the same series;  the I heart Makeup one, and not so long after that, I'm so excited to try their Rose Gold palette because I heard many British beauty gurus rave about this. If you're new to this brand, you're probably wondering why the packaging looks so similar to another palette or the similarity of the shades. Makeup Revolution has launched this I Heart Makeup series with a clear intention of duping high end product out in the market, let's just say the previous eyeshadow I reviewed here is a dupe for Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, so it's not a surprised if they come out with a dupe for others.

This Rose Gold palette is an eyeshadow palette with similar shade as the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette and I don't have that one. I always limit my budget for makeup so I will not buy anything pricier than the cost of my place for a month right now #sad, and that Huda Beauty one is so expensive I'd rather pass. However, I know the range of shades is screaming my name, a lot of warm tone shadows and nice burgundy pinkish ones that I'm dying to try.

Okay, without wasting time on me rambling even more... let's just jump on to the review~

❤ Packaging ❤
This is just so amazing, guys... The packaging is so beautiful and Makeup Revolution does know what we want. I know I cannot give them full credit on the idea since it's the same concept as the Too Faced one, but the color of the chocolate bar is rose gold and who doesn't love rose gold? Well, at least not me. It looks so luxury that I want to keep it forever and I don't want to stain it. 

Inside you'll get a mirror and a thin layer of plastic with each name of the shadows that also prevent the mirror get dirty on the way to your home. They always have nice mirror which can fit your face so it's absolutely useful and not just there for the sake of the packaging. A two end brush is also what you'll get however I don't really use brush with sponge thingy on the tips so I don't have anything to say about this. 

For the eyeshadows, they are beautifully placed with the same pan arrangement as the previous series; two bigger rectangle pans and fourteen square pans. Two big ones supposed to be the shadows they think you're going to use more. In this care, one creamy shimmer that will look good on inner corner and to highlight brow bone and the other one is a matte creamy color to set your eyelid.

❤ Formula ❤
There are eight matte, seven shimmer, and one glitter shadows in one palette which is in total sixteen that retails for nine pound or around $11.9. The price is quite a deal and definitely a splurge though it cost me Rp 280.000 for this palette (around $20.7) because of the tax, fee, etc.

The matte shadows have really nice pigmentation, the color payoff is good and I can say they're pretty easy to blend. As always, swatched matte shadows aren't always the best way to judge whether it's good or not because matte tends to be less creamy and more chalky however I really like the matte shadows in this palette. They're easy to blend.

For the shimmer ones, they're buttery enough to swatch with your warm finger and the pigmentation is also nice though I do think applying with finger might give a little more 'umph' to the look. They're not as easy when applying with brush, even after wetting the brush I still don't think the pigment shows that much as you applied with your finger.

One glitter shadow is called 'hard work' and it's yellow glitter that is really tricky to apply. I only use this for inner corner. Please notice that these shadows have fallout, a lot of fall out that sometimes I don't reach for this because it's a little bit a mess. However beside the fallout, I think Makeup Revolution is one for the best drugstore brand in term of eyeshadow.

❤ Swatches ❤
All of the swatches are by fingers and I dipped twice for each pan for the matte shadows and only once for the shimmer ones because they're amazing for finger swatch. The colors are rose gold tone, a lot of red and a lot of browns as well. I would say this palette is suitable for fall and spring looks since pink and green are also provided here.

I personally like the green shimmer because it looks really good on on my lids and the color suits my skintone really well, it is like an olive green with a gold hint. The name of the shadow is "touch me" and it makes me laugh every time I take a look at the names. Best applied on your lid paired with warm brown outer corner and soft reddish brown transition color.

One thing I notice from this palette is that they don't have a really dark shadow to deepen your outer corner to get a smoky look. I always seek for a matte deep brown or a dead matte back when using this palette. So the composition is not ideal for me as I believe a good palette has to be a one package deal so you don't need other shadow anymore.

❤ Performance ❤
A lot of fallout is a downside for this palette however they last quite well on my eyelid even without any eye primer. They really give you the rose gold hyped. But because I tend to like eyeshadow look that can be used daily, I don't apply much rose gold tone for my look. This palette is actually good for daily makeup as well, some brown can make a really good natural eye look.

What I love
❤ Affordable
❤ Great packaging
❤ They have nice mirror
❤ Provide names for each shadows
❤ Pigmented and blended easily

What I don't love
💔 Fallout
💔 Shimmer shadows are not very pigmented applied with brushes
💔 Not having a dark shadows

Do I recommend this?
For someone who're looking for a palette with this kind of tone; rose gold, red eyeshadows, then this might be for you. Especially you with low budget. However if you expect a lot from eyeshadow, maybe you should try purchasing the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette instead. Even though I don't have that palette, I believe the quality is just a lot above this one.

Will I repurchase this?
Nope. I rarely use this so definitely not going to purchase this again.

See you on my next post 💋

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