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By Dyni Mela Zingiberni - 9:07 AM

Assalamu'alaykum ^^

I don't want to sound negative in my blogs so I always try to do some researches on many reviews before I purchase certain products, however there's just some that doesn't really work on me. Especially skincare as it really depends on your skin, you cannot fully rely on what people say about a product and judging it will work on you too. For makeup products, people might be agree but for skincare please take a note that if a product doesn't work on me it doesn't mean it won't work on you.

So without further ado, let me list all products that I regret buying.

Skinfood Tomato Toner
The most recent skincare product that I found it didn't work on me is Skinfood Tomato Toner, I've made a review about it here and I clearly stated there that I will never repurchase and yup my friends, I won't. Not only it caused me purging, it also activates my skin to produce acne; a lot of it! My skin is not acne prone and acne is not even one of my issues. So yes, definitely a thumbsdown for me.

Freeman Infusion Mask
Man, this mask is way too overhyped. I only purchased this because I wanted a good mask to moisturize my skin and the infusion line is claimed to be better since they infuse the mask with serum. But, this stings my eyes! It makes my eyes teary and it hurts so bad that I cannot handle it. I tried to leave it for 15 minutes and thought that the pain will disappear but no, it stayed! I hated it so I had to give it away to someone else. I don't even want to make a review post about it because I just hated it so much.

Just Miss Lipsticks
I knows these are cheap and I know they're so dry on my lips but I kept on buying a new color. I have stopped myself somehow but I just can't believe I continued buying them in the past. Many people love their lipsticks but they're so drying! They also have bad smell. And when I look at my makeup station, my Just Miss Lipsticks are still full size because I rarely use them.

Beauty Creations Ruby Eyeshadow Palette 
I reviewed this and I loved the quality of it and why do I regret buying this? Well, firstly, it is so damn huge and I found it a little bit hard to apply in daily basis. Secondly, the colors are mainly the same, some shadows look exactly the same colors on my eyelids. I don't really think I suit warm orange look anyways so yeah, not really a big fan since I am not a MUA either. I don't see myself reaching this palette in the future.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette
This however I regret because of the quality, it's powdery and it doesn't look good on my eyelid. I don't reach this palette very often. The packaging is cute but that's maybe the only plus side. At first I love this palette but after playing with it, I recognize that it doesn't blend easily and the colors are just not "alive".

So yeah, those are beauty products I regret buying.

Maybe they're your favorite so please don't kill me, they just don't work on me. If you want somehow to purchase that from me, please let me know. I'll gladly let these go with cheaper price.

See you on the next post~

Bye 💋

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